I know, I know, Mexico is in North America. Please forgive my deliberate miscategorization. Mexico has much more in common, culturally, historically and linguistically with Central America than North America.

  This project, journey, life change began with a trip to Costa Rica in 2004. I have since been back three times, most recently in May, 2007. The idea for a road trip through Central America first came to me soon after returning from Southeast Asia in the fall of 2005. Seeing the United States from outside our borders is an awakening experience. I decided that I would do whatever I could to live for a time abroad as an artist/photographer. At first, I planned to simply move to Costa Rica, but my vision soon evolved into one of an odyssey through the whole region, a cultural immersion, if you will. This will allow me to both develop the language skills i still don't have, and to see the region from a less touristic perspective.

  It has taken me longer than I anticipated to divest myself of my belongings, including a house, but my truck and I are finally ready.

  Following a three Month trip to Honduras and Guatemala this summer to work in a clinic and study Spanish, I will set off south for the adventure of a lifetime.

  Update: Well, life got in the way of plans, as is often the case. Just as I was almost out the door, a wonderful woman entered my life, and I fell in love. Fortunately for me, and for anyone who was looking forward to following this journey, my beautiful wife (yes, we got married!) also loves Latin America, so we will be exploring it together when we can, and I will go alone occasionally. We are planning to move to Guatemala in a couple of years and I still hope to have visited every country in Central America by the end of 2010.

  About my photography: I occasionally take what might be seen as typical tourist shots when I Travel, but just as often I am photographing mundane things that could be anywhere. I like to photograph ruin and decay, so I often do not portray a location in its best light. That's the job of travel sites. I just click when I see an image I like.

  Please enjoy the site. I recommend using either the Firefox or Safari browser to view the images, as Internet Explorer does not faithfully reproduce the colors.

  David Scott Moyer